Behfar Sanat Asanbar Company has started its activities in selling and installing elevators and escalators since the October of 1998 with the registration number of 144789 as a member of Iran elevator and escalator syndicate. This company is under control of ministry of industry and is a member of elevator and escalator pieces production guild and also it owns license of designing and assembly. Behfar Sanat Asanbar Company can proudly announce that it has cooperated in following industrial and governmental projects:

  • Housing commercial investment companies
  • Cement industries
  • Steel industries
  • Petrochemical industries
  • National Iranian Oil Company
  •  Atomic energy organization of Iran
  • Nuclear power station of Booshehr
  • Irankhodro Sazeh Company
  • Housing company of Iran
  • Maskan e Mehr plan of Parand
  • Tehran town hall plan (multi-floor parkings)
  • Housing cooperation (Sepahanshahr)
  • Counseling engineer apartment companies

Behfar Company is the agent of IFE company in Iran. In addition it has produced and distributed hydraulic and traction and also passengers, freight, automobile, hospital, unable lift and industrial elevators with protection degree of IP54, IP55, IP65 and EX (anti explosion) with combination of the best Iranian and European pieces. This company has kept pace with global standards in importing elevator and escalator systems, producing, installing and modernizing in the least time, with the best quality. All elevators under service of this company have 10 year piece insurance service. Behfar Sanat Company can run all special industrial projects with high technical, engineering, producing, commercial and management ability in the least time and with the least cost. Behfar Sanat Asanbar engineering company including central office and the factory – locating in Garmdarreh with 1500 m2 area – owning different parts such as management, sales, financial, designing, technical, engineering and services can serve all costumers. All personnel of this company have high repute in elevator and escalator industry and they all are being taught in training courses during the year according to their own duty and responsibility. Behfar Sanat Asanbar Company has served its customers with distinguished services with revolutionary approach to customer service and frankly has supplied many of their needs.

Managers and the staff serve their customers with 4 promises below:

  1. The customer is just as the company.
  2. Producing high-quality products is not our pride but our duty.
  3. 24 hour services
  4. Presenting to all areas